Costume Building


Videos are great because you can watch how something is done and pause and rewind where needed. They’re easier to follow (in my opinion) than picture tutorials because you can see the process of how to get from A to B instead of saying “Crap. How’d they get there?”

Foam Work: EvilTed

I’ll admit that I don’t usually look at tutorials when I’m doing foam builds. I definitely wing it in order to challenge myself. But I have plans for some big things in the future and started watching EvilTed to help me get prepared. He’s meticulous in what he shows, and is very easy to follow. He also provides templates for many of his pieces!

Foam Work: KamuiCosplay

Kamui is a GREAT resource. Between her Instagram, YouTube channel and cosplay books, she has a multitude of skills to share with cosplayers. She’s compared foam primers, materials and has introduced several interesting materials that I’d never heard of (ie. foam clay!). Her builds are all incredibly detailed. Her attitude is also very inspirational. You can do anything as long as you put in the time, effort and patience.

Screwable Props:

This method of making collapsible props is perfect! I don’t like clutter and like to be able to travel easily with my cosplay. I personally prefer using wooden dowels over PVC for my staffs/lances etc. so this video is a perfect reference for making them collapsible to fit in suitcases and easy storage!

Sewing: YouTube

YouTube is a goldmine for (free!) sewing tutorials. Learn how to load and thread your bobbin. How to use the different stitches on your machine. How to adjust your thread tension accordingly. Change needles or select the best needles for your projects. Learn how to sew princess seams! There’s basically everything you can imagine and more you won’t even think of, so use it to your advantage! Below is a list of videos I’ve personally found helpful:

Loading Bobbins

Invisible Zippers
Princess Seams

Threading a Serger (if you have one)

Basics of Sewing

Pleating/Inverted Cheerleader Pleat


Written Tutorials

This is a straight up website dedicated to cosplay tutorials. There’s a lot of character specific walkthroughs and videos, as well as general tips and walkthroughs. Overall a REALLY great resource since it’s a compilation of other cosplayers’ methods, so you can look through and try whatever works for you!

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

I started with this armor tutorial back when I was making my Impa cosplay from Hyrule Warriors. It’s a very simple method for using craft foam, glue and paint to make great armor! This tutorial got me through my beginning stages of foamsmithing. It’s a great introduction to armor builds if you’re just starting out, and is a great reference for the basics if you’re further along. I really can’t recommend it enough!


Sailor Fuku: Cosmic Coterie

A majority of my Sailor Venus cosplay is based off of Cosmic Coterie’s tutorial! TacoCat Cosplay has also used their tutorial to create her & Mermaid Child’s Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon and Pluto cosplays! CC outlines every single piece and then some for a perfect Sailor Fuku. They have all of the pattern pieces available for free, apart from the Fuku/Skirt (Look up Green Pepper’s Crystal Lake pattern for that!) I did stray from their tutorial for the skirt, because I was aiming for a particular look and needed to devise my own method for that.


The Dangerous Ladies’ Builds

I really adore this group of ladies. They are patient, kind and precise! They’ve answered many questions that helped me build both of my Fire Emblem cosplays. They’ve been doing this for 10+ years, and have a mountain of knowledge to share! Their Tumblr discusses fabric types, sewing, equipment, photoshoots and even addressing your hobby in your personal life! If you’re a dedicated FE nerd like myself, check out their Fire Emblem Tutorial Masterlist!

You can also purchase resin cast, 3D printed items, custom made fabric and pattern books from their Storenvy.