We Can Make YOU Awesome!

The Make Them Awesome team is now offering photography services!

As you've seen with our work we like doing things very differently. But we don't want only us to benefit from this... we can do it for you too.

How exactly are we different and how can this work for you?

1: We like being creative with our shoots. Let's do way more than just having you or your group in front of some background or some outdoor location. First we will talk with you to determine what you had in mind. From there we'll start to bounce around ideas and apply our level of 'extra'. And with all of this we will produce images that are unique to YOU.

2: With most of the team being made up of experienced cosplayers they know what to look out for during a shoot to make sure you look your best. With them acting as assistants they will have an eye on making sure your wig and makeup doesn't go out of control leading to more time in post or a lost shot.

3: Because we work outside of conventions everyone involved is afforded a lot more freedom. No one has to worry about getting things done in time to make it to a panel. We don't have to wait on people leaving a spot we want to shoot at. We're not shooting in the same spot a bunch of other people have already. Since we don't have to deal with any of that we have the space to work how we would like to... and it even allows everyone to come up with new ideas that we could capture right there.

4: Not working within the convention space means we do not have a super heavy workload. So you will certainly not be waiting a month or more to get photos back. And years of shooting have helped develop a highly efficient workflow to deliver images even faster.

5: With most of the team being female and all of us being LGBTQ+ allies you certainly have a safe space here. You can be comfortable with us.

6: We can do this for more than just cosplayers. If you have a band that needs photos for an electronic press kit or you’re an artist that needs pics for your website/social media all of this applies. We love working with creative people.

Overall you’re getting a team of creative experts with years of experience in front of and behind the camera. All of us working together without the usual restrictions will in turn create amazing photos for you!

If you’re interested in working with us then contact us via the form below and we’ll get in touch!

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