Tip Jar!

One Time Donation

Monthly Recurring Donation

So why a Tip Jar?

 We had been exploring some ideas on how people could support our work. While an online store is being worked on we wanted to offer some other options as not everyone might be able to buy things like a print or other items on a regular basis.

Why not use an existing donation/subscription platform?

 If you haven’t noticed we tend to do things differently. When we looked at some of the existing platforms out there we were not able to find one that fit our needs for a number of different reasons:


Trying to run a website and multiple social media accounts takes quite a bit of work on their own. So to have to maintain yet another platform was not very appealing. Plus it’s part of our groundwork for our online store so it was not difficult to add in these kinds of hooks without bringing another party into the mix.

Lower Transaction Fees

Since most other support platforms are built on the idea that those running them may not have the ability to run their own websites and maintain them regularly they can command higher fees for transactions. When you are running your own space it didn’t make any sense to pay someone else to perform duplicate work.

Irregularity of Posting Material

With some support platforms there is an expectation that work will be made available on a regular basis. To be quite honest that doesn’t work for us. We all have day jobs/school and sometimes life just plain gets in the way. There is some support out there for gathering donations on a per activity basis. But when you consider that we do both photographic and written work it didn’t seem fair to charge the same for both. Plus we’d rather not hit someone with a surprise charge because of our lack of schedule.

Control of Content

Some of our friends have had their support platforms put behind certain walls due to automated content detection systems determining they needed to do so even if it was obvious that the work was not intended to be considered this way. Plus some of those systems were really aggressive in tagging material as such. And on top of that trying to get things corrected was an arduous process. To not have those kinds of controls in place was very attractive to us.

Freedom of Support

Because of the fact we can control our own space it gives us a lot of freedom in offering support options. There are one time and monthly recurring support options. The one time donation can be freely set by you. And our monthly option isn’t strictly set to a first-of-the-month schedule. If a specific time frame works better for you start your subscription at that time and it will stick to that.

Any support is appreciated

Even if you can’t donate or subscribe at the moment there are other ways you can help! Give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram. Link your favorite set and share it with your friends. Or even just share the website in general! We would be grateful for any help you can provide.