Who The Hell Are We?

We are a creative arts team who specialize in fine art portraiture who also want to educate others in the arts of costume making and photography.

Or to simplify that: we're a bunch of nerds who are into cosplay and cosplay photography and want to share how we did it.

Over the years we noticed there tended to be pretty particular presentations of cosplay with little variation outside of that. When there was so much opportunity out there why were people not taking advantage?

We also saw there were not many instances of continued collaboration. The highly transactional nature we felt was leaving a lot of things out. The one-and-done method leaves a lot of ideas unrealized. There would be no continual bringing up of local talent. There would be no growth in the material presented. There would be no celebration of the creative vision of everyone involved.

We couldn't understand why things were this way. Did they maybe not have examples that showed this? Was no one out there showing of the possibilities that could be done in this space?

So we decided "Fuck it... we're gonna do it ourselves."

The most important part there is "we'. Everyone here plays a part in this.

We want to challenge convention. We want to stand out. We want to go up to people who only think things can be done in a certain way and tweak their noses. We want to show people how we did things and how achievable it is for them. We want to do stupid shit that others are not doing. We want to be ourselves.


Because that's where art happens.

We're not going to be for everyone. But for those who stick around... we're going to be some of the best people you'll ever know.

If there's one statement that describes what we're doing it's this:

Get dumb ideas... make them awesome.