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I Will Keep Fighting Until I Know Who I Truly Am

I Will Keep Fighting Until I Know Who I Truly Am

This shoot was a great example of things coming together at the right time. I was trying to put together a shoot at Texas Gamers Lounge when I saw a post from Lilfaun Cosplay with some initial pics of her Cammy and how she wanted to do a shoot in an arcade. I had been wanting to work with her for a while so for things to come together like this was amazing.

There were a few new things I wanted to try with this shoot. First off was using some of the new Godox lighting gear. Not long before this shoot they had added FujiFilm support to their R2 wireless system. At first I had picked up a couple of their TT350F speedlites along with the X1TF trigger. While the system itself worked well I was a bit less than thrilled with the performance. Not long after that I read up on the AD200s. I ordered one to try out... and fell in love with it. So I quickly ordered another one.

Another thing I wanted to try out here was the Phottix Luna Folding Beauty Dish. I had been been researching light modifiers to change up things from just using either shoot through or reflective umbrellas. And there was something about beauty dishes I really liked. But I also wanted something that was a bit more portable. For some of these pics it worked really well (especially some of the close up shots). Though for others the shallow shape of the dish allowed a bit more light to spread then I may have liked at least for this particular project. Even though I had many lighting options at my disposal we only used one AD200 with the Phottix Luna dish.

There was a stroke of luck that allowed me to pull off one of my favorite shots. I got there to the venue about 45 minutes before Lilfaun would arrive to hang with Imran and his team (and to arm them with Red Bull and coffee since it was rather early for them on a Saturday morning), walk through the place, get some ideas on how to shoot, etc.

Randomly Imran had a completely empty Street Fighter 2 cabinet that still had it's control panel. I saw it, looked at him, and said "I want to use THAT."

So we set it up in a good place that would look like it would be in a natural spot relative to the rest of the cabinets. I set up the Phottix Luna about five or six feet away from Lilfaun... but this time around instead of going angle down like I had for some frames I decided I wanted to position straight on to her face. I actually got inside of the cab to take some shots... and snapped probably one of my favorite photos (it's the header photo to this post). One of my photographer friends saw this pic and said "Wow, that looks 90's as fuck."

Thanks to Imran for allowing us to come in and use the arcade for this shoot. Especially for putting up with me being a photographer and moving cabinets around for good shots. TGL is an awesome gaming venue and his game selection is seriously legit. TGL is not fully open yet but they are running preview weekends and tournaments to give the public a taste of what the place is like. Keep an eye on their page for upcoming events.

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