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The Walkthrough: Princess Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Adventure version)

The Walkthrough: Princess Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Adventure version)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the very first video game I beat on my own.  It was on my 3DS and i was HOOKED on LoZ! Always knew that I would do a version of Zelda someday but i could never decide which one since I usually choose my cosplays based upon how I relate to the characters. When the art for Breath of the Wild was released I immediately knew that this adventurous version of Zelda I wanted to be. After playing the game I became even more convinced! So I embarked on what has been my greatest cosplay to date!

In order to get this done I had a lot of research to do. I had never made a shirt, sleeves or boots before, I’d never used suede fabric and I’d never topstitched. So this whole cosplay was a huge undertaking! I thought about what I had done before... dresses and bodices. Which I figured would come in handy when making a shirt. Once I knew what fabrics I was going to use I did research to make the process easier and invested in a walking foot to help with the suede. I got interfacing to keep the collar and cuffs nice and stiff. And from there I just practiced a lot with scrap fabric so I could figure out some logistics before diving into the official project.

White Undershirt

Fabric used: White sateen, quilting batting, polyester lining. Cuffs: Blue Polyester, gold satin trim

I used a commercial pattern for the white shirt. I made a muslin mock-up and altered the pattern while wearing it. I would pin and stitch, readjust and when it fit I cut the pieces apart to create a finalized pattern. I sewed the quilting batting to each pattern piece and then topstitched the designs. Then attached the lining to each piece and serged the pieces together to create the base shirt with an invisible zipper in the back..The same process was used for the sleeves, with some altering needed to slim the sleeves to my long arms. I made the cuffs separately and then attached them to the sleeves per the pattern instructions.

Blue Vest/Bottom Piece

Fabrics used: Rayon/polyester, gold satin trim

I used scrap fabric from what I used for my lining to create a mockup of the blue vest. Then used the blue polyester to create the vest; adding darts where needed and hemming the bottom to just below my bustline.

All the gold trim is handmade gold bias tape stitched on both sides with gold thread. I used a bias tape maker and interfacing tape to keep the satin flat and bonded in the center.

The same method was used for the bottom piece of the blue vest/shirt. Since the bottom piece is layered, I made the base piece first and then pinned fabric to the sides and trimmed the fabric to match the shape and curves of that piece

The center gold design on the top of her vest is gold satin. I created a template in Photoshop and printed it out. I traced the pattern on to a piece of interfacing and bonded the fabric. Then cut out the applique and satin stitched it to the top of the vest.

Vest Belt

I sewed 2 long pieces of the blue fabric together with interfacing adhered to one side and flipped it right side out. I stitched the gold bias tape on the edges, and used interfacing and 2-sided fusible web for the center “squiggle”.

The centerpiece is a button with a craft foam cover and triforce painted with Plasti Dip and metallic gold. The belt dots are spray painted rhinestones that have been hot-glued to the belt.

The belt attaches with 4 snaps around the top edge of the belt and bottom of the vest. This keeps the vest stretchy and removable. I didn't want to sew in the vest along with the white top the way I’ve seen others done, so this was my method to avoid that!

Brown Belt

Fabric used: Brown suede, walking foot

If you’re going to be sewing through more than 2 layers of suede, I HIGHLY recommend getting a walking foot and always using a fresh, sharp needle. The walking foot provides an extra set of feed dogs and prevents the suede from slipping, it also keeps the material flat so you don’t end up with uneven stitches.

The belt is 2 pieces of suede sewn together with quilting batting in between. After stitching them and turning the belt the right side out I chalked the pattern on top. Using a walking foot, I topstitched black thread over the chalk design twice to reinforce the stitches.

It attaches with 2 large snaps toward the back.


Fabrics used: Brown suede, light brown suede, gray suede

The boots were patterned by wrapping plastic wrap and tape around my leg while wearing the shoes I would be using. I marked the seams and individual pieces, then cut it apart to make about 6 pattern pieces.

The boots are all suede fabric, cut individually and are stitched glued to TOM-style shoes. I made mine permanent rather than making covers.

The gray toe pieces were made first, then the top of the foot was stitched to the gray and then a seam stitched at the bottom. I worked my way up as such with each individual piece until the boot was together.

I spray painted buttons gold and hand sewed them to the side of each boot. There is elastic stitched inside the top of each boot to hold them up.

The silver triforces are made out of 4 pieces of craft foam each; heat sealed/plasti dipped and spray painted chrome. They are attached with a small snap.


Materials used: Craft foam, eva foam, flowers

The gold belt was done by drawing a pattern directly onto craft foam, cutting out each section with an exacto knife. It was primed with PlastiDip, Primer and finally.painted with gold spray paint. The belt around the waist that this attaches to is an old belt I sanded and painted to match

Sheikah Slate

The slate was patterned onto paper and then each piece cut out. Every piece was patterned onto either EVA or craft foam.

The base shape was made with 2 EVA foam pieces cemented together and dremeled for smoothness. I painted the large piece with PlastiDip/spray paint.

The smaller decorations were cut with craft foam, individually spray painted, then cemented to the main piece.

The front of the sheikah slate is made with a flexible plastic cover cemented to the slate and spray painted black to create a screen-like appearance.

First Sheikah slate vs. the second

Spray painting the sheikah slate pieces.

Purchased Items

  • The wig is the “Persephone” from Epic Cosplay in the Golden Blonde color. The top braid is the Arda classic braid in the light Blonde color. The Golden Blonde shade has a more cartoonish appearance to it, which is what I was aiming for with Zelda.

  • The ears are Aradani Studios’ Nomad ears, prepainted. They’re attached to my ear with spirit gum. If you’re considering using Aradani, I highly recommend! They’re high quality and have already lasted a white. They also offer guides to various ears for various characters.

Lessons Learned

I can guarantee you I have learned so much from making this costume. I learned to make sleeves - which is super helpful for most costumes. I also got familiar with various fabric types and learned what kind of styles I prefer. I chose suede for her belt and boots because it’s incredibly durable and has a nice, natural look to it. It’s very flexible and I foresee a lot of suede in future cosplays.

As far as construction goes, mock-ups are your best friend. If you can afford super cheap fabric that’s similar to what you will be using, take the time to do a couple of test runs. This way whatever you make will be nicely tailored to you and easier to manage with your ‘real’ fabric. Also, buy a little extra than what you think you need; so in case you mess up, you won’t need to stall your project to get more materials.

Since my first time wearing her in August 2017, I’ve remade her vest, vest belt and a new Sheikah slate. I also have a couple of updates planned for A-Kon! A new vest with cleaner satin stitching, a cleaner sheikah slate and some minor wig updates.

If a project looks overwhelming, and you find yourself wondering if you have the skill to make it work or you feel scared because it’s new to you - my best advice is to try. The ONLY pieces of this cosplay that I had somewhat done before were the accessories and the bodice for the shirt. That’s it. Everything else was new to me. But I wanted to create this cosplay because I love this character and I wanted to be her! Have faith in your abilities and you will go very far!

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