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This Time We Decide Our Own Destiny

This Time We Decide Our Own Destiny

If you haven't figured it out by now we're a bit stupid. As part of a larger project we spent ten hours in the studio one Saturday shooting five different characters from two different sources. It was a long ass day but we got some fantastic pics from the hard work everyone put in.

Part of the day consisted of the Sailor Moon set that was posted earlier. The rest was dedicated to League of Legends with the Star Guardian versions of Ahri and Syndra. Taco's Treasures and Mermaid Child had only wore these characters once to Ikkicon so now was a good time to get some studio pics. At least this time around Mermaid Child wouldn't be knocking stuff over with her tails.

I had originally planned to do some similar lighting setups that I had worked on for the Sailor Moon set. Since that didn't pan out I had to pull from some of my back up ideas here as well.

The key light was a Godox AD200 going through a Wescott 60" umbrella at 45 degrees to the subject. This time around instead of putting rim lights behind Ahri or Syndra I decided to try putting a Yongnuo YN560 90 degrees left or right with a colored gel to give a highlight effect. I really liked how the purple gel lended a nice highlight look to Syndra's hair.

Once again we decided to try some stuff with the Atmosphere Aerosol. But this time around I had a YN560 on both sides with different colors to try to pull something out of the haze. Here I think it worked better for character highlighting purposes. Especially in the last pic of Ahri.

We got some good photos out of this session. But by the end holy fuck we were tired. It was all worth it though.

Going Back For Seconds

Going Back For Seconds

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